And the student surpasses the master

We played one round of The Star Wars Game and three rounds of Dutch Blitz after supper tonight. Star Wars was my husband’s choice. It was a gift from his brother last Christmas. It’s a reproduction of the game they used to play in the 70’s. After my younger daughter make it to the Millennium Falcon first, my husband left to go watch tv.

We girls decided to keep the games going by playing Dutch Blitz. If you’ve never played, it’s a terrific card game. The directions are crazy to figure out because they talk about your Wood Pile, Blitz Pile and Post Pile, but once you get past that, it’s not difficut to play. We love to play because everyone plays at the same time. (We tend to be a bit competitive about our board games.) We all leaned in towards the table, eyes shining bright, hands hovering over our piles of cards. Ready…Set…Go! We all started sorting and slapping cards like we were playing for high stakes in a casino. As we counted up our points there’s some good natured teasing about who didn’t shuffle their cards enough or who didn’t subtract points for cards left in their Blitz pile. Kaley won the first game easily. We dealt out our cards and played again. The tension mounts. Cards are flying. People are trying to play on the same cards simultaneously. Blitz! Kaley won again. Now the teasing has a bit of a sharper edge. We start looking things up in the rules just to make sure we haven’t forgotten any small details. We joke about setting up a Dutch Blitz State Championship because Kaley won so quickly Chelsea and I didn’t even stand a chance. (I only had four points to Kaley’s eighty-two.) My younger daughter ended up winning all three rounds! Dutch Blitz used to be my game. I guess it’s time to make way for a new Dutch Blitz champion.

2 thoughts on “And the student surpasses the master

  1. It sounds like your family is having lots of fun and making lots of memories during this difficult time! Maybe someone needs to make a traveling trophy!

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