Spring is Here!

I was in the bedroom this morning, putting away some laundry when I heard my husband holler from the living room. “I see a robin in the backyard!”

Two things immediately went through my mind. First of all, “Hallelujah! Spring is here!” We’ve lost a lot of snow in the last week, and I think it’s supposed to be in the 40’s this week. That’s terrific news. I can’t wait for the yard to start greening up.

The second thing I thought was “My husband’s so cute.” In the last ten years he’s become obsessed with the birds in our yard. Saturday mornings usually include a run to L&M for birdseed and time spent in the backyard filling the feeders. He comes by his interest naturally; both of his parents are into feeding and watching birds. However, he always said that feeding the birds was for old people. (So I guess we’re old now.) These days he gets a kick out of buying different kinds of bird feeders and bird seed. He has to call his parents when we coax a new bird to our plethora of feeders. If you’ve never seen a piliated woodpecker in your backyard, you’d be amazed at how large and prehistoric-looking these birds are. Last year, after a couple of year of trying, we finally had Baltimore orioles and a couple of very flashy scarlet tanagers at our feeders.

I went out into the living room and joined him on our couch. We watched the robin hop around on the ground. The blue jays were spilling seeds on the ground for the army of mourning doves and squirrels. There was a smaller woodpecker on the suet feeder flashing his little red head in the sun. It was a nice moment with my sweet husband.

2 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. What a lovely slice! Your husband seems cute. I so enjoyed that you included your internal dialogue. Your playful relationship with your husband is evident in the way you captured this moment. May the sign of the robin truly mean the beginning of spring!

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