Dogs and Confinement

I have three dogs. They don’t understand social distancing at all. In fact, for days now they’ve been completely underfoot. Beyond the normal laying at my feet when I’m cooking in the kitchen, they nap next to me on the couch or on my feet so I can’t get up. I don’t think my sweet dogs would know what to do if I tried to keep them at a distance. lol

On the other hand, they are loving our confinement! Although my younger daughter is starting to feel the effects of not leaving the house since Monday, the dogs are loving having us home! There’s always someone to wrestle or play fetch with. They always have a napping buddy. They certainly have never had so many walks! And someone is always eating something yummy. If anyone is going to be sad when this confinement is all over, it’s going to be my faithful three who are soaking up so much extra attention.

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