My Girls Are Home

One of the silver linings to this time off, is having both of my daughters at home with my husband and me. It’s supposed to be our first year as empty nesters, but we couldn’t be happier to have the girls under our roof once more. I love listening to them talk late at night. Their giggling takes me back to when they were about two and six. They each had their own room, but for over a year they insisted on sleeping in the same room together. My husband and I could hear the whispering and giggling until they fell asleep each night. Sisters are the best!

Right now the girls are flipping through Netflix and talking about which movies they’ve seen and what’s on their must watch lists. Kaley likes them scary, but Chelsea likes the classics. We’re making plans for tomorrow. My vote is binge watching Gilmore Girls and eating chocolate chip cookie dough, one of our favorite mother-daughter pastimes. We’re also debating which board game to force my husband to play tomorrow night. We have it narrowed down to Ticket to Ride and Codenames.

I know this pandemic is a big scary thing, but right now I have my beautiful girls home again, and I am grateful for the extra time we have together.

4 thoughts on “My Girls Are Home

  1. Your writing captures your decision to see this unfortunate situation for the blessings that is offers, one being more quality time spent with family. May you enjoy one another as you recreate those memories from years back.

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  2. Both of my kids were home last night too. One is a teacher and the other is a behavior coach and works with at-risk kids, so their lives are on hold too. Yes, there are some silver linings if we look for them. Enjoy your time together!

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