The Gift of Time

So it’s official. Today was the last day with my kiddos for the foreseeable future. Our governor has closed public schools indefinitely and many of my coworkers seem convinced we won’t be back this year. While I was saddened to see the kids leave, I’ve devoted myself to preparing for this separation from a school stand point. I need to think about what I’m going to do next for me and my family. I’ve been given the gift of time. How often does that ever happen? I’m going to need to keep busy and set some goals. (And a schedule!) So here are some things on my to do list:

  • Organize all my kitchen cabinets
  • Clean my closet and dresser
  • Walk the dogs every day
  • Organize my stamping materials
  • Make cards with my daughter
  • Try new recipes
  • Paint the new trim
  • Reread Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series
  • Paint my bedroom
  • Organize photos
  • Read a few professional books that have been stacking up
  • Binge watch Revenge on Netflix with my other daughter

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. This is my third day off of school. We have not begun distance learning yet, rather these are days to tack onto a school year that I hope is restored in the future. My daughter and I started painting a room I have been afraid to tackle…primer, etc. I think your list is a great one, some fun, some productive, some family time. Just enjoy whatever you do.

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  2. We are on “spring break” this week and I have been making lists, too. Although still not very productive. I just looked up the series you mentioned, and I think I would like this. Thanks for the rec!

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