Tomorrow is my last day of school for awhile. It doesn’t seem real. I never thought we would shut down school (or restaurants or libraries or movie theaters…) for a month or more. I had 10 kids absent today and there will be even fewer kids there tomorrow. My daughter moved back home today because she needs to telecommute for work indefinitely and it’s not smart for her to continue living with her grandparents. I’m so glad to have my little family back together under one roof! However, this still seems like a strange dream. The lines at the grocery store tonight were crazy. I bought a box of Tuna Helper. Why did I do that? No one at my house will eat it. I remember thinking it will keep for weeks, and there was a lot of it left on the shelves. Weird. Yesterday I was feeling a little guilty and happy about having time off. I was making plans for all the things I’m going to do while I am at home with my wonderful family. Today I’m just bewildered and sad. I know so many of my students need to be at school where there’s food and heat and adult supervision. What will people do without jobs? Closing things down. Potential curfews. Quarrantines. It all seems surreal right now.

2 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. Surreal is the word for it. I found out an hour before dismissal last Friday that we were shutting down. I had 6 kids absent that I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to, and the earliest we’ll be back together is April 14, although after hearing the governor speak yesterday, it seems doubtful that I will actually be back in a classroom with these kids again. I’m trying my best to keep the learning going online, but it’s difficult and testing the boundaries of my tech abilities. It’s all a bit much to process at the moment.

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