Friday Afternoon

It’s 3:10 on a Friday afternoon. Time to send the munchkins on their way for the weekend. It’s been a crazy day with lots of emails, discipline problems, and getting homework together for kids going on vacation. I got nothing done during my prep.; I definitely didn’t grade any essays comparing earthquakes to tornadoes. In addition, I swear the kids were out to set a World Record for random noises.

It’s 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Now I am alone. Even the others teachers have left. The phone is silent, I’m caught up on my emails, and I can’t put off grading those essays any longer. All I can hear is the furnace running. I wish I could hear a Diet Coke fizzing next to me. At least the sun is shining, so it’s not spooky in here all by my lonesome.

It’s 3:40 on a Friday afternoon. I’ve done about all the procrastinating I can. I made my grocery list. I texted my daughter. I disinfected my desk. Those darn essays are still staring at me.

It’s 3:42 Oh look! It’s Sherry, the best custodian in the world! She’d probably like me to get out of the way, so she can clean in here. I guess those essays will have to wait until Monday!

5 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon

  1. What a wonderful slice. I think I might write about the same brand of procrastination. On a Sunday, I remind myself there are worse fates than spending the afternoon reading the same assignment over and over and over. Once I start, I usually am fine…the occasional break…itś just the starting that is so hard!!

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  2. Oh my gosh! This post is hilarious. I could picture your building emptying as each minute passed. The way you documented the sequence of your afternoon by including the time is a powerful allusion of the slowness in which the minutes passed. Lovely slice! P.S. It looks like you will have ample time to grade those essays…

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