10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

10. I’ll be honest: Time off at holidays and during the summer to be with my family.

9. Keeping all the stuff we learned in school fresh in my mind because I use it every day. I kick butt at Trivia Night!

8. It’s an excuse to feed my book addiction. Someday I’m going to have enough shelves for all my books.

7. It forces me to get to know the people in my community. If I didn’t have a different group of kids each year and parent-teacher conferences, I swear I’d still be living in a bubble and barely know anyone in my little town.

6. I love it when my students see me at the grocery store. They act so surprised to see me out doing normal things. I swear they think I sleep at the school!

5. I need the routine, yet every day is different. I love that I have a predictable schedule, but every day there is a different plan. I have new topics to teach and projects to create. And it’s not just the daily routine that I enjoy; it’s the yearly one too. The excitement of starting a brand new school year and the mixed feelings you get on the last day. How do people in regular jobs know when they’re done? lol

4. The thrill of teaching the kids something new. I just taught a Greek mythology unit to my 4th graders and you would have thought it was Christmas morning in my room. They were so excited each day and wanted the unit to go on forever. I was able to see them find the mythology section in our library for themselves and take notice of allusions in other things we’re reading. It doesn’t get any better than that!

3. DEAR Time. (Drop Everything And Read) Although I’m not usually reading a book, I love watching the kids dive into one and get lost in their stories. It used to be my favorite part of the day as a child. (Have I mentioned my book hoarding addiction?)

2. The chance to be creative. No matter how many times I teach a topic, I never do it the same way twice. I love changing up the projects or inventing a game to teach the material. I have a built in excuse to go to Hobby Lobby.

  1. I get to keep learning right along with my kids. There’s always a professional book I’m trying to find time to read or a questions from a student that spark a search for more information. I’m always current on the latest songs and hot Christmas presents. I get paid to spend time in a building where learning goes on every day.

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

  1. These are great reasons about becoming a teacher and really share your flair and knack for this profession. Watching you interact with your students or speak about them inspires me. You keep them on edge!

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  2. This is a fantastic list! I share many of the same reasons, so this slice definitely put a smile on my face. I always add pizza on Friday and chocolate milk any day I want it. Not necessarily true, but it almost always gets a laugh (or a stare).

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